"I dont follow the game anymore. I lost totally the interest in Football. I haven't watched any game live or on TV for a long time." Peter Wilson in a private talk, 2001

FC Middlesbrough England 1968








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1982, Wilson played his last game ever with APIA Leichhardt vs Heidelberg United in Melbourne. During the game Wilson crashed heavily in an air battle with Jim Campbell. However, he played in spite of a strongly bleeding wound, a deep cut above his right eye, and led his team to a famous Cup win.

After Wilson left the Melbourne Olympic Park field, he never again played an official football match. It was a quiet departure of one of the best Soccer player of all times in Australia.

1962-64  St.Marys Boys Club (ENG)
1964-68  FC Middlesbrough
1968-69  AFC Gateshead
1969-71  South Coast United  (AUS)
1972       Marconi Fairfield
1973-74  Safeway United
1975-78  Western Suburbs
1979-82  APIA Leichhardt

Western Suburbs Soccer Club Sydney 1978

Peter Wilson played over 600 games on club level and for his country

The Phillips Cup win was a highlight. After that there were some complications at APIA. The biggest problem in 1983 was that Peter wanted to Captain Coach and the committee only wanted him to coach so he told them where to go.

"I have finished playing soccer now. I was not enjoying coaching, so I gave the football game up completley"
Wilson in a private letter, 1984.


APIA Leichhardt Soccer Club 1982

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